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Mario Hytten, President of the Swedish chapter of Green Cross, is seen here with Alexander Likhotal, President and CEO of Green Cross International, in connection with the General Assembly in Geneva on October 5th.


Honorary President Mikhail Gorbatchev, founder of Green Cross, was unable to attend the General Assembly fo the first time in 20 years, as he was still not fully recovered from recent health issues.

The Instinctively Sustainable author Mario Hytten met the CEO of Green Cross international
The Instinctively Sustainable author Mario Hytten served as President of Green Cross Sweden
Theme of the 2015 Green Cross General Assembly: a Green and Inclusive Economy.  Mario Hytten participated in

The city of Geneva honoured Green Cross by turning the iconic waterspray green during the General Assembly and subsequent two-day conference for a "Green and Inclusive Economy".

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