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Instinctively sustainable expert panel: Dan Gray, MBA: Consultant and author on building sustainable brands

Dan Gray, MBA

Consultant and author

on building sustainable brands


Mario's right to draw attention to the work of Daniel Kahnemann and the profound realisation that we don't make decisions the way we think we do. For sustainable choices to be made instinctively, we must fundamentally rethink how we communicate, since the 'System 1' part of our brains that actually drives much of our behaviour has no capacity for language.

Like Mario, I believe there's much we can learn from brands like Red Bull, not least the power of storydoing over storytelling - cultivating a purpose-driven narrative that is brought to life implicitly through congruent actions and experiences, rather than relying on explicit (and often incongruent) communication.



Dan Gray is an MBA-qualified management consultant, a Visiting Fellow of the Ashridge Centre for Business and Sustainability, and author of Live Long and Prosper: The 55-Minute Guide to Building Sustainable Brands. What fuels him is a preoccupation is with how brand, sustainability and design thinking can be woven together to help organisations redesign their businesses in the pursuit of shared value-creating value for business and value for society in one and the same act, by virtue of reconnecting business strategy and innovation to serving a higher social purpose.


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