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"There is an emerging consensus that there is a need to act on global issues like the resilience of water, energy, resources and food and yet real barriers to achieving this change. Some of these barriers are down to an understandable short-term focus by business and a less understandable short-term focus by politicians. Others are down to the reality of the human condition. We are creatures of the here and now. Considering the needs of the future is a challenge for us. We accept social norms of fixed mindsets when we need to press the re-set button. For us, all of this translates into helping businesses imagine transformational change programmes to achieve long-term success. It translates into behaviour change programmes to help people live sustainably. For Mario it is about a global mindset change using a deeper understanding of people and different strategies like sponsorship. The direction is the same".

John Drummond is Chairman and co-owner of the business consultancy Corporate Culture. The company works on major strategic change programmes with organisations like WWF and RICS and on sustainable behaviour change programmes linked to health and the environment. John has a long track record in-house as a journalist, in marketing with IBM and as group communications director with United Utilities. He has advised a wide variety of major organisations including Anglian Water, BT, EDF Energy, Sky, Standard Life, Sport England and very many more. He is the founder of the Social Marketing Network and the Social Marketing Academy. He is the author of three recent reports – Motivating Millions, Reason (an executive guide to the probable future) and Human.

John Drummond

senior advisor to corporations

on behavioural change,

Instinctively sustainable expert panel: John Drummond, senior advisor to corporations on behavioural change

expert panel

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