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  • is there a common denominator between the 5 pillars? 

  • why are metaphors and allegories essential to storytelling?

  • does sponsorship generate the modern equivalent of allegories?

  • how does image transfer actually happen?

  • what is the role of heuristics?

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

why the reticence?


  • is anybody measuring the effects of ineffective communications?

  • what has prevented sustainability stakeholders from adopting this earlier?

  • is there an ethical issue?

  • what are the best and
    worst examples of the
    method being applied?

Chapter 5

brand tribes

  • how can intelligent people reach diametrically opposite conclusions on fact-based issues?

  • what kind of issues tend to derail our ability for rational and objective analysis? 

  • do some of our behaviours mimick those of primitive tribes?

  • how can we overcome some of the inhibiting effects of tribalism?


what's amiss?


  • why do we agree on the issues,
    yet diverge on the actions?

  • how do rational arguments fail to cause behaviour change?

  • what are the great brands doing right?

  • should we learn from them?

Chapter 3

nothing to brag about


  • is sustainability still a hot-button for advertisers?

  • half a century worth of captivating narratives?

  • is it time to move on?

Chapter 4

contrarian brain

  • how and why does it happen that people turn the message on its head?

  • is there any part of an advertising message that we do not instinctively filter?   

  • does higher knowledge and intelligence lead to consensus?

Chapter 6

the five-pillar method


  • just how different is the approach of 21st century communicators?

  • is it unethical to communicate by means of emotions? 

  • is the any evidence to gauge the success or failure of sustainability communications?

  • how to communicate without appearing to be doing so?

  • is there a formula to apply these
    techniques to promote an
    intangible concept?

subjects to come


  • how the puzzle comes together: promoting sustainability without appearing to do so

  • how to affect? brand? tribalize? perennify? immunize?

  • image transfer: how does it actually happen?

  • what would such a campaign look like?

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