“I think what you are doing is very important and wish you and the group success. If we are to get people to think and act re sustainability we need to put lots more focus on emotional fast cognition. Appeals to think hard and deep about issues is exhausting and just switches most people off. This was also a prominent subject in the new ECDC (European Centre for Disease prevention and Control) guide to social marketing which I helped to produce.  Something like this for the environmental field would be helpful I think.”

Prof Jeff French, CEO at Strategic Social Marketing

Prof Arvid Carlsson, Nobel Prize of Medicine 2000

"Projects managed by Green Cross teams can change the lives of people and whole communities. Our ongoing efforts to tell the Green Cross story, through actions on the ground around the world, are targeted at all sectors, from the public to the corporate. They also aim to increase the various commitments of our supporters towards our work to help multiply our activities to benefit more people in more places. We are happy to support Mario Hytten and the Skyrace World Cup initiative, which has the potential to expose and engage companies to the sustainability agenda and help expand our ‘Smart Water for Green Schools’ initiative."

Alexander Likhotal, Former President of Green Cross International

"A really interesting question and certainly one I have been pondering. It relation to consumers, the feeling is that we're just not very good at telling stories. Could there be a marriage between sustainability and marketing priorities? This can be about telling stories and not bombarding consumers with facts and figures, impacts and lectures, aimed at forcing change through the induction of guilt. That clearly isn't working..."

Stuart Singleton-White, Communications Director at Global Canopy Programme

"Mario believes sustainability communications need to dial down rational communications in favour of associative, emotional communications. In other words: learn from brands that are best at engaging the Y generation".


Xander Heijnen, Partner & COO at CNC Communications & Network Consulting AG

"There is no doubt that an exciting sports event will trigger the release of dopamine. Thus the individual's reward system will be involved, cause emotional arousal and amplify the response to stimuli of various kinds".


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