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Instinctively sustainable expert panel: Kaj Embrén, author and coach on sustainability issues

"I started Respect with Body Shop’s founder Gordon and Anita Roddick who built a global brand based on her ideas on sustainability and transparency.  These were absolutely visionary at the time, but the world has moved on quite a lot since then. The communication style we devised with Gordon and Anita cannot simply be copied and pasted into a 2015 campaign. All stakeholders need to adapt their communication to the constantly evolving understanding of the way that people process information and adjust their behavior in society. This involves a number of fields, and Mario makes some thought-provoking connections that certainly deserve to be explored and debated".


Kaj Embrén has been involved in issues regarding Sustainable Development for more than 30 years. His experience and competence is well recognised by governments and businesses. He was instrumental in the foundation of Respect, Swedish foundation The Natural Step and the Climate Group.

Kaj Embrén

author and coach on sustainability issues,

expert panel

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