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The instinctively sustainable author Mario Hytten, former Green Cross Sweden President and his board

The new board of Green Cross Sweden (from left to right): Yvonne Andersson-Sköld, Mario Hytten, Adv Peter Edlund, Ida Akfredsson and Josef Frischer.  

The Instinctively Sustainable author Mario Hytten served as President of Green Cross Sweden

New members for the board of Green Cross Sweden


Gothenburg, Sweden, 25th April 2015: in connection with general assembly, the members of Green Cross Sweden voted in a new board. Six board members resigned, two were confirmed and three new ones were voted in for the period 2015-2017. The votes were unanimous. The new board composition is:


President: Mario Hytten, specialized in sustainability communications, CEO of för Planetaire AB; author of the white book”Instinctively Sustainable”; background in sponsoring and communications; previously MD of Captimax Sports Media Ltd, head of sponsoring at Arrows;


Vice-president: Dr Josef Frischer, psychologist at Frischer & Company; background in communications and psychology, author of the concept ”Learning from success”; previously assistant professor at Aalborg University (DK);


Treasurer: Adv. Peter Edlund, solicitor at Advokatfirman Peter Edlund AB; background: CFO and qualified auditor, previously legal advisor for Gothenburg University and legal counsel in an international consulting firm;


Secretary: Ida Alfredsson, brand strategist in own company Brand Direction; background: MFA of Design; previously has worked with communication and branding issues in Sweden, South Africa, USA and Germany;


Board member: Prof. Yvonne Anderson-Sköld, Head of R&D at engineering consulting firm COWI,  adjunct Professor at the Institute for Geoscience at Gothenburg University; background: R&D within risk management and climate issues;


Seven substitute board members resigned, and Anne-Lie Kaldemark, Maria Hyberg and Lars-Olof Landström were voted in as new substitute board members.


Tonia Moya resigned after 10 years as president. She will henceforth work in tandem with the new president and will remain an important asset as the operational manager of Green Cross Sweden with the title of Executive Director.             


For additional information:

Green Cross Sweden

Tredje Långgatan 13


Tel 004631-146 111



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